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Judi Vitale, C.A., NCGR was born under the sign of CANCER.

Marie Claire Astrology June 2006

Ocean Magazine Love Scope Spring 2006

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Judi Vitale – Writer, Copy Editor, Media Specialist

February 2, 2011-Present: Astrologer-Writer:
April 2010-Present: AUTHOR
"Lovecasts", my first book, was published by Adams Media in November 2010.

July 2003-Present: VOLUNTEER COPY WRITER/PUBLICITY WRITER –Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association. As the President of the NY Metro Chapter and member of the Alumni Advisory Board, I’ve helped to publicize various events. Many of my posts have been published on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Blog.

September 2005-Present: MARIE CLAIRE Magazine (Hearst Publications) I provide the astrology research and write occasional feature articles for this smart, sassy magazine geared to the woman who prides herself on being "more than a pretty face".

September 2007-January 2011: ( My articles ranging from Sun sign tastes and activities to Planetary forecasts to the impact of astrology on world events have been featured on via Tarot’s relationship with them. I wrote the weekly “SkyVibe” video scripts previously featured on this and many affiliated web sites, plus supply compatibility meters and reports for this highly successful esoterically-oriented web site. I as also the writer and performer featured in twelve semi-monthly “Moonwatch” videos during 2009.

July, 2007-Present: Torrisi Design Associates:
As staff writer, copy editor and fact checker, I provide and edit content for magazines produced by this design firm, including travel brochures for cruise vacations and a new publication focused on high-end travel lifestyles.
The first issue containing my work appeared in early August, 2008.

August, 2009-May 2010: Skinny in the
As the site’s staff astrologer, I provided “Skinnyscopes,” daily horoscopes geared toward health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.

March, 2008-April 2009:
I write reports for this new astrology membership website, providing readers with information and forecasts involving love, work, career and health.

Fall, 2005- Fall 2008: OCEAN Magazine (Shoreline Publications). As contributing editor, I wrote the astrology and numerology column for this quarterly magazine designed to inform Orange County, California's witty women about lifestyle, fashion, health and spirit.

November, 2003-December, 2009: As the On Line Daily Horoscope Writer for, I created daily predictions with a teen twist for this great American magazine's web site. Other contributions included "About Your Sign" and a compatibility feature.

Jan - Dec 2005
BRIDE'S Magazine (Condé Nast Publications)
These horoscopes were written to provide cosmic clues to befuddled brides as they get caught up in the thrilling whirlwind of engagement, wedding planning and honeymoon bliss.

September, 2002-January 2005
REDBOOK Magazine (Hearst Publications)
As the magazine’s featured columnist, I created a monthly horoscope for each of the signs that is directed toward empowering REDBOOK’S “Mothers and Shakers”.

August, 2002-May, 2003 Astrologer/Copy Writer
I was responsible for generating most of the content on the web site. The site used astrology as a way to entertain and amuse through style, fashion and personal insight. Not only did I write the horoscopes on the site; I also furnished content for our affiliates. The demographics I wrote for ranged from teenagers to 20-somethings, to parents and beyond. I like to blend serious advice with style and humor, and I believe astrology should be written in a way that’s engaging, uplifting and entertaining.
The team at also consulted with me about technical, astrology-related issues. My first computerized report, “Sexy You” was launched on the site in February, 2003

October, 1998-October 2001 Astrologer/Writer
Mademoiselle Magazine (Condé Nast Publications)
As Hotline Astrologer, I wrote and performed my own weekly audio scripts for a 900 Number service provided through the magazine. Beginning with the August, 2000 issue, I was Mademoiselle’s Astrology Columnist. In addition to the horoscopes and occasional feature articles, I worked on Astrolostyle, a monthly feature in which we demonstrated how astrology can influence fashion and style trends.

Radio and TV: Appearance on CBS “Early Show” to present “Wedding Signs” (March 15, 2010) - Tour of US Radio Stations to Promote Mademoiselle Summer Love Issue (2001), ABC TV “World News Now” – (Accurate!) Prediction of Super Bowl (February 2003).

Consulting Astrologer: Certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).

Bachelor of Arts Carnegie-Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA

Master of Public Administration University of Pittsburgh
(I had a previous career as an Information Technology Professional).

Personal: Resident of Pittsburgh, PA along with a lively Tibetan Terrier, and a part-time resident son-in-college, graduating in 2012.

References, Video and Writing Clips are available
upon request.

About the Signs

CANCER - June 21-July 22

Summer begins when the Sun enters Cancer, so it's only natural that Cancer people want to nurture and protect all living and growing things. In the proper setting, they're natural nest-builders who use their intuition to figure out what people need, then cater to them. Like their planet, the Moon, Cancerians are deeply mysterious and changeable, yet highly intriguing. They are drawn to people who need them, and they thrive on having people depend on them. That's when strings begin to be attached.

Cancerians cling to the past as a symbol of the security they need, and don't want to be forgotten. Because of this sentimentality, it's hard for them to let go of their "children" once they've outgrown Cancer's support system. You can try to stop these family-oriented people from fussing over you, but it's probably not worth the guilt trip they'll send you on if you hurt their feelings. When you look at it that way, getting smothered in fabulous food and tender loving care can't be all bad.

Cancer is a WATER sign
Water people are highly emotional. They interface with their world with their feelings first, and then engage their intellect. They have a "sixth sense" that helps them read into people's motivations almost instantly. At times, their dreaminess causes them to get lost in a fantasy world, and they can get disenchanted when they find out that in reality things won't be the way they way they'd like them to be. When their inner vision is used more productively, they are highly creative to the point of being visionary.

Cancer people are CARDINAL
They're full of creative ideas. Count on them to roll up their sleeves and dig in while everyone else is still standing around wringing their hands. What they need to develop is the staying power it takes to finish the things they start.

Zodiac Presence
The Crab. This sea creature contains its tender core within a hardened shell, and so it is with Cancer people. They tend to carry a little piece of home with them wherever they go, and they try to pretend to be strong on the outside, but on the inside, they are extremely sensitive.

Graphic Symbol
The two intertwined spirals of Cancer's glyph resemble the crab's claws, and they encircle that protected territory - home - upon which Cancer People focus so much of their energy.

Cancerians like pale green and other pastel shades of watery colors like aqua and blue. These colors help Cancer people feel like they are around water, which they love. If they don't live near the sea, a lake or a river, pictures and other decorations that evoke watery places keep them feeling calm and secure.

The Pearl. This jewel from the sea harmonizes with the Cancerian caring nature and makes them feel (happily) right at home!

Cardamon is famous for its ability to rid worry-wart Cancerians of unwanted thoughts - a great cure for stressed-out stomachs.

Body Correspondence
Stomach and Breasts. Cancer's mentality is focused on sustenance, so these two regions are important to them. Many Cancerians complain of having delicate stomachs and special dietary needs, and when they worry too much (like they do all the time!), they get indigestion.

Cancer's number, Six, has to do with taking responsibility and protecting one's interests.

Tarot Image
Depicted as a formidable carriage about to set off on a journey, the Chariot represents the potential power inherent in Cancer's soul. The charioteer holds the Holy Grail, and is protecting it as fiercely as Cancer people protect everything with which they're entrusted.

Professions: Real estate moguls, politicians, sailors, nurses and obstetricians.

Celebrities: Robin Williams, Liv Tyler, Carly Simon and Scott Foley.

Places: New York City; Scotland; Venice, Italy; Mexico; Paraguay; Denmark; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.